5G/6G Presentations from Mobile Korea 2022

I sometimes find it fascinating that so many organisations working on 5G, Beyond 5G and 6G have the most basic of websites, without any proper information or archive. One such organisation is Mobile Korea. Mobile Korea 2022 took place from 1 - 4 Nov. 2022 but there is hardly any information available on why it was held or what were the outcomes. 

Day 0 was the opening session to welcome the attendees.

Day 1 was 6G Global day focussing on National 6G Status from different parts of the world and also some Invited talks

Day 2 was again a 6G Global day with keynotes followed by 6G Technology talks

Day 3 was dedicated to 5G Vertical Summit with keynotes followed by sessions on Next Generation Mobility, Public Convergence and 5G City

Day 4, the final day, was day 2 of 5G Vertical Summit with more keynotes followed by sessions on Local licensed 5G eco-system and Next Generation Mobile Services

There are some videos and/or presentation available online. You can check out using the links above.

You can also see all the presentations on the 5G Forum YouTube channel here.

Please bear in mind that some of the presentations are not in English. I will post some talks that I found interesting in future posts.

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