Summary of 6G Activities from China

China has more activities on 6G than most other countries but it's always a challenge to get information in English. Here are some presentations from Mobile Korea 2021 that took place in November last year. Updated presentations were also shared in ITU earlier this year as I posted earlier here.

The first talk was on 'Work Progress of IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group' by Zhiqin Wang from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). In this she talked about Structure of 6G Promotion Group and then provided details on Requirement WG, Overall 6G Vision, Potential 6G use cases, Wireless Tech. WG, Technical reports from Wireless Tech. WG, Key Technologies (Extreme-MIMO, THz Communications, Integrated Sensing and Communications, Wireless AI, RIS), Network Tech. WG, Network architecture and key technologies, 6G network security vision, Spectrum WG, Standards & International Corp. WG, Economy and Society WG and finally, their thoughts on 6G Development.

Here presentation is available here and the video is embedded below:

The next talk was on '5G Commercialization and 6G Progress in China' by Cun Xie from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). He talked about their 5G progress, Policies to Promote 5G Industrial applications, Contest to Facilitate 5G Applications, IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group and their output, Preliminary Views on 6G Development, Challenges of Developing 6G and Suggestions to promote global 6G development.

His presentation is available here and the video of his talk is here.

The final talk from China was on 'Research and projects on B5G and 6G' by Ying Du of CAICT. In her talk she looked at 5G-Advanced Technologies Trends, Research on 5G and AI Integration, Communication & Sensing solution for Industrial Networks, Potential 6G technologies, THz communications and demo, 6G and AI integration and finally, demonstration of Visible Light Communications (VLC).

Her presentation is not available but the video of the talk is embedded below:

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