China Mobile's view of how to define a 6G Network

At the Broklyn 6G Summit (B6GS) 2021, Dr. Guangyi Liu, Senior Researcher at CMCC, discussed China Mobile's view on “How do we define 6G network?” by examining typical usage scenarios of 5G, technical KPIs, Target Spectrum, and more.

The video of his talk is embedded below:

It is interesting to see that the speaker covered many different topics that we have looked on this blog before and also covered as part of 6G training

Some of the topics covered include 6G Vision including Digital Twin and Ubiquitous Intelligence, typical Application Scenarios, new dimensions of KPIs like Ultra-high positioning accuracy, deterministic QoS, AI, Security, Computing, Sensing, etc., Spectrum, Space-air-ground Integrated Network, New capabilities like Sensing as a Service and AI as a Service, etc.

The picture above from the talk is a fantastic summary of the 6G Network Features that they envision. The speaker does point out that we will see real life networks around 2030 and it may be too early to predict what eventual 6G will look like.

Mobile World Live has a nice summary of his talk here. The following is an important point he made during his presentation:

Liu Guangyi said nationwide coverage will be important for operators to promote the new technology.

For early deployments he suggested operators need more than 500MHz of contiguous spectrum in sub-10GHz bands. “If we can achieve that it will be very beneficial for building competitive 6G networks.” 

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