The role of sharing and innovative licencing models in meeting the needs of 6G

The 6G Global Summit took place as a virtual event on 15 – 16 September 2022. There were some really excellent sessions with fantastic speakers. One of the sessions looked at the role of sharing and innovative licencing models in meeting the needs of 6G.

The following is the session description from the agenda

Regulators will have to balance the need to find spectrum for 6G with the continued demand for additional spectrum for 5G and intensified competition from a diverse range of both existing and new players. Against this backdrop, and also considering the fact that it seems very likely that 6G is going to require large blocks of contiguous spectrum in an already highly crowded ecosystem, it will be impossible to meet these needs through the identification of new bands. There is also going to need to be a focus on innovative new sharing and licencing models in order to meet the required connectivity. This session will explore the expected evolution of spectrum sharing and licencing, and more broadly at how the framework governing access to spectrum may evolve as we move towards the era of 6G.

The following topics are covered:

  • What work is being done around the world on the development of new and innovative approaches of spectrum sharing to meet the needs of B5G and 6G?
  • What role will spectrum sharing in both existing and new bands play in future 6G development?
  • What advancements in technologies (such as Next Generation Massive MIMO & AI Driven Systems) are being seen and are expected to be seen in coming years in order to increase the feasibility and efficiency of spectrum sharing?
  • Beyond sharing, what innovative new licencing models and approaches can help deliver the required connectivity for the numerous use cases that are expected to be enabled by 6G?
  • How may regulators have to adapt traditional methods of assigning and licencing spectrum and what innovative new ways of using the spectrum in these bands could be used?
  • To what extent can advancements in technologies such as Next Generation Massive MIMO & AI Driven Systems help to optimise connectivity system performance and contribute to enabling the 6G future?

The session participants include:

  • Moderator: Elena Scaramuzzi, Head of Global Research, Cullen International
  • Speakers/Panelists:
    • Chris Woolford, Director, International Spectrum Policy, Ofcom
    • Dave Wright, Head of Global Wireless Policy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
    • Monisha Ghosh, Professor, University of Notre Dame
    • Liu Guangyi, Leading Specialist and 6G Director, China Mobile

The video of the session as follows:

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