Samsung talks about 6G Progress and Demos

Just over a year back we looked at Samsung's 6G whitepaper and a talk summarising it by Howard Benn, VP, Communications Research at Samsung Research. As is natural, in the last couple of years Samsung has made progress on many of the topics listed in their white paper.

At Mobile Korea 2021 6G Global conference, Sunghyun Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of the Advanced Communications Research Center at Samsung Research, Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Korea presented a talk on Prospect and Recent Progress towards 6G.

In the talk he covered the Megatrends towards 6G, 6G vision and requirements, candidate technologies and then discussed some of the demos they have been doing in the Terahertz spectrum. During the demo he showed how they are able to achieve up to 12 Gbps at a distance of 30 metres in an indoor scenario while they managed to get 2.3 Gbps at 120 metres in an outdoor scenario.

The video of his talk is embedded below:

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