Panel Discussion on '6G - From Visions to System Requirements'

The title of first panel session at the 2021 Joint EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) & 6G Summit was '6G – From Visions to System Requirements'. The abstract said:

Motivation and Background

Mobile wireless research community is shifting the focus towards 2030 era, i.e., 6G technologies. Evolutionary ideas from 5G as well as radically new ones are being studied in various international initiatives. Most recently also industry has shown increasing interest to start envisioning what 6G could entail from societal, technology and business perspectives. At this early stage it is a bit difficult to have a debate on these aspects, but rather hear out visions, goals and priorities related to 6G.


  • What are currently the views on major drivers necessitating establishing 6G technology from societal, technology and business perspectives?
  • What are foreseen major regulative hurdles on the way?
  • Looking back, is the expected standards process going to be similar to earlier ones?
  • Is there anything particular to be done in global research arena to ease the situation in currently polarized world related to 5G?

The video of the panel session is embedded below:

The panelists included:

  • Chair: Matti Latva-aho (Moderator) (Prof., Director for 6G Flagship, Univ. of Oulu, FI)
  • Mikko Uusitalo (Co-ordinator for Hexa-Project, Nokia Bell-Labs, FI)
  • Peiying Zhu (Senior Vice-President of Wireless Research, Huawei, CA)
  • Alan Carlton (Senior Director for Innovation Labs, InterDigital, UK)
  • Akihiro Nakao (Prof., Beyond 5G Programme, Univ. of Tokyo, JP)
  • Jan Söderström (Vice President and Head of Technology Office Silicon Valley, Ericsson, US)

More details here.

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