Orange Presents 6G Societal Requirements Vision

At Orange’s 2021 Research Exhibition, Éric Hardouin, VP, Ambient Connectivity Research gave a mini-conference on 6G. His talk is available here. It is in French but English subtitles are available.

During the talk he mentioned that 6G is expected to be rolled out around 2028/29. He also shared this slide above that shows the timelines of 3G, 4G & 5G from research phase all the way to launch in France. We have looked at the timelines in our earlier post here.

He also touched on other topics that we have covered in this blog. To mention the topics he covered:

  • Digital Twins (we recently covered it here)
  • Telepresence/Holoportation with touch & smell (covered the touch & smell as part of Internet of senses here, teleportation here)
  • RIS: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (covered it here)
  • Ultra Massive MIMO (covered it here)
  • Zero-Energy Tags

There are many 6G initiatives that are already in progress and Orange is active in quite a few of them.

The slide on the top is the main ambition, to have 6G that is far more efficient and impactful with low environmental impact.

Orange is an active member of NGMN which is working to define a project focussing on the Vision and Drivers for 6G. The output of that work will provide early and timely direction for global 6G activities, which will develop the mobile network technology for operation in the future. 

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