Instruction to Antennas: 6G on the back of an envelope (or napkin)

At the 2021 Joint EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) & 6G Summit, Michael Peeters, VP R&D Connectivity at imec Belgium and Professor Advanced Wireless & 5G Networks/Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium presented a talk on "Instruction to Antennas: 6G on the back of an envelope (or napkin)". 

The following is the abstract of his talk:

5G deployments are still in their infancy and yet here we are debating the multiple dimensions that will characterize 6G. Some may claim that this is just the result of an overheated hype engine but there is more to this: our gut is telling us that we have reached the edge of what current microelectronic technologies can enable. This is not unique to our domain. 

With Moore’s law under pressure, a rethinking of what the semiconductor industry calls scaling is also underway. Blending of different technologies together to achieve benefits at the system level using System-Technology Co-Optimization (STCO) is taking central stage. 

The current vision of 6G requires the support of the THz band, novel antenna technologies, evolution of network topology, spectrum sharing, edge AI, split computing, high-precision time-sensitive networks, and so on. Let’s ground ourselves with some key zeroth-order approximations that can guide us in analyzing the constraints of such systems and show where these lead us.

The following is a video of his presentation:

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