Augmenting Human Potential in the 6G Era

At the 2021 Joint EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) & 6G Summit, Peter Vetter, Head of Access & Devices Research Lab, Nokia Bell Labs, USA presented a talk on "Augmenting Human Potential in the 6G Era". The following is the abstract of his talk:

The 6G era will be defined by the symbiosis of digital, physical, and biological worlds with the goal to augment human productivity and wellbeing. While in the 5G era, with thanks to the massive scale deployment of sensors, the digital world perfectly captures past and current states of the physical world, the connection of these two worlds with the biological or cognitive world remain largely unaddressed. We believe that in the 6G era cognitive systems will anticipate individual and collective intents to plan for actions in the worlds that optimally serve human needs. For that to happen we will need to witness significant advances in artificial intelligence, computing and sensing technologies. The 6G network will be the essential infrastructure for the integration of these future capabilities.

The video of the talk is embedded below:

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