Presentations from 6G Symposium Spring 2024

6G Symposium Spring 2024 took place April 9 - 11 at Levi Summit in Finland. Almost 200 experts from across Europe, North America and APAC participated to debate some of the toughest questions for how the telecoms industry develops. Why? Because the next generation of telecoms isn't just a technology issue.

Session topics included:

  • What’s the Business Case for Future Networks?
  • How Should Future Telecoms Support Societal Resilience And Industrial Transformation?
  • 6G Will Work Best for Indoor & Private Networks – Prove Me Wrong
  • European Microelectronics & Chips: More Than a Me-Too Continent?
  • Is AI for Telecoms Just an Optimisation Tool?
  • Key Value Indicators: Who Cares Enough?      
  • Is Chasing “Sustainable 6G Technology” Realistic?   
  • Can we Reconcile Conflicts in Basic 6G Concepts?
  • Making a Killing from 6G Killer Apps? A Pragmatic Exploration
  • RIS, sub-THz & New MIMO – Will Those Make 6G Visions Reality?

The playlist containing all the sessions are embedded below:

Speaker slides were not shared.

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