RF Sampo Seminar on 'Future mobile radio frequency technologies and solutions'

Back in March, a seminar organized by RF Sampo brought together top-tier Radio Frequency (RF) experts from both industry and academia. The Future Mobile Radio Frequency Technologies and Solutions seminar, held both in person and virtually, marked a pioneering initiative, delving into the intricacies of current 5G technologies and envisioning the future with 6G advancements.

The seminar showcased an extensive array of topics, underscoring the ambition to translate cutting-edge ideas into tangible realities. For those unable to attend, a curated collection of highlights from the presentations and posters is available on our event page.

While not all presentations were shared, there are some fantastic presentations that would be useful for RF engineers. Here are direct links for some of them:

They are all available here along with the posters.

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