Nokia's Presentation from NIST/IEEE Future Networks 6G Core Networks Workshop

Dr. Volker Ziegler, Senior Technology Advisor, Chief Architect delivered a talk titled 'Path to 6G' at the NIST/IEEE Future Networks 6G Core Networks Workshop.

In his current role of 6G leadership with Nokia Bell Labs, the industrial research and scientific development arm of Nokia, he leads Nokia digital transformation initiatives aimed at exploring and leveraging innovations with customers and partners in the fledgling ecosystem for the 6G era.

His talk covered the following topics:

  • Opportunity of the metaverses
  • 5G launch pad
  • 6G timeline and focus
  • 6G Core - options of value exposure
  • Design principles and key technology areas
  • 6G collaborative advantage

While the slides of the talk are not available, the video of the whole session is embedded on the event page here. His talk is from 00:03:35 to 00:56:25. You can also download the video. There is also a short summary of the day available here.

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