6G Flagship's Vision for Next Generation Mobile Networks

In November 2022, an online 'Brazil-Finland Seminar on 6G Network Development' took place. The event narrative explains:

Sixth-generation technology will be disruptive and will require consistent, long-term government support. Brazil is one of the pioneers in the field of 6G research and participates alongside Finland in the “6G Flagship Project”.

However, what are the potential applications of 6G? What is the importance of being at the forefront of research? Are there any policies that should be implemented in order to facilitate the development of this technology by Brazilian and Finnish R&D institutions?

There will be a debate on these and other questions during the online event on November 30, when five experts will discuss the development, challenges and future of 6G in Finland and Brazil. 

The seminar is available here. The following is the video of 6G Flagship Director, Professor Matti Latva-aho's presentation from the seminar:

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