6G Flagship Demo Video Series

The 6G Flagship programme published 7 new demo videos back in September, showcasing essential research and challenges beyond 5G, game-changing capabilities of 6G, and real-life scenarios towards 2030. 

The videos are embedded below. Some details of the demos are explained following the videos.

Extremely high data rates and high-resolution sensing are some of the key targets for 6G. The 6G Radio demo on THz sensing shows how communication and sensing can coexist in the same 6G system enabled by the narrow beam width and beam steering techniques as well as novel sustainable materials created at the University of Oulu.

6G necessitates secure extreme data rates in various scenarios. The 6G optical communication demo shows how radio and light technologies can be combined in the future. 6G Flagship’s experts use relatively simple technology to implement light-based communications exploiting the lighting infrastructure that we have in our ceilings. The demo illustrates how the light signal remains confined in the room where the user is located. Thus, no one outside of the room can listen to the communication which makes the communication very secure and private.

Creation of complex 3D models will benefit of fast 6G data transmission and computing at the edge of the network. The 6G edge demo introduces a 3D scanner and showcases future applications and services which require high computational power, high data speed and seamless operation making the end user experience truly fluent.

Drones are also part of the 6G world. The 6G vertical demo shows how lighter-than-air (LTA) drones will benefit from 6G edge computing resources for lighter weight and increased flight time. In the future, we can use the 6G network to fly LTAs indoors. The video introduces a use case where LTAs monitor the quality of the infrastructure 24/7 and guide visitors.

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