6G Flagship Webinar on 6G Networking

6G Flagship produced a series of 6G whitepapers to get everyone started on to 6G research. One of these papers were on 6G Networking. The executive summary of the paper says: 

This white paper is one of the twelve new themed 6G White Papers led by the 6G Flagship program. It involved the participation of more than 50 experts and enthusiasts of future 6G technologies. In this white paper, we intend to shed light on advanced features relevant to networking that would shape the evolution beyond 5G, ultimately leading to the 6G mobile system.

Hereby, we study the advancements and implications introduced by the evolution of softwarization and service based architecture. We also overview the key technologies that constitute the pillars for the evolution towards 6G networking, considering the evolution toward a cloud native mobile communication system and the adoption of a new IP architecture that supports high precision services. In this white paper, we explore the different analytics that can be gained from the different segments involved in the delivery of a particular communication service. We also discuss the utility of high-precision end-to-end telemetry and cross-segment analytics.

Back in December, a webinar based on this paper took place. It was moderated by Prof. Tarik Taleb, Aalto University/Oulu University, Finland, who led the Expert Group. Other panellists included:

  • Dr. Richard Li, FutureWei, USA
  • Prof. Hiroshi Esaki, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr. Simone Redana, Nokia Bell Labs, Germany
  • Dr. Stuart Clayman, University College London, UK

As part of the 6G Research Visions Webinar Series, the webinar addressed the fundamental research challenges for beyond 5G networking. Of specific interests were the following topics that were discussed and introduced from several perspectives.

  • Network softwarization and its true cloud nativeness
  • AI based Zero Touch network and service management
  • Limitation of current transport networks in light of the expected immersive services and need for suitable solutions

The webinar video is embedded below. The webinar slides can be downloaded from the bottom of this page here.

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