Presentations and Summary from ELLIIT 6G Symposium in Lund, Sweden

A recent email from the analyst firm Omdia boldly claimed, "2024 marks the official start of the 6G race...". This may be true but there hasn't been any shortage of 6G events and conferences last year. In fact you would blink and miss one of them. The same happened to us as we did not see or hear anything about the ELLIIT 6G Symposium in Lund, Sweden.

Quite a few presentations from the symposium have been shared and are available here. I wasn't able to find any videos from the symposium.

In their recent podcast, Prof. Erik G. Larsson and Prof. Emil Björnson discussed ten things that they learned from listening to the keynote speeches. The video of the podcast is embedded below but if you would rather listen than watch, you can get the link of audio only podcasts here.

Prof. Emil Björnson recently joined forces with Özlem Tuğfe Demir to write “Introduction to Multiple Antenna Communications and Reconfigurable Surfaces”, NowOpen (2024) book. It provides a gentle introduction to multiple antenna communications with a focus on system modeling, channel capacity theory, algorithms, and practical implications. Read more about it here.

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