Huawei's Keynote at EuCNC & 6G Summit 2023 on 'On the Convergence Route for 6G'

Dr. Wen Tong, CTO of Huawei Wireless and a Huawei Fellow has led Huawei’s 10-year-long 5G wireless technologies research and development. At the EuCNC & 6G Summit 2023, he spoke about 'On the Convergence Route for 6G'. The abstract of the talk says:

The 6G research is gaining a global momentum, since 6G will be the foundational ICT platform for everything of our live and work, therefore, the technology impact of 6G is imperative. In this talk, we present the common view on the key use cases for 6G and the vision converged vision framework for 6G. We discuss the potential enabling technologies of choice and their capabilities, in particular, we provide a deep-dive on the AI and AGI as main stream applications in the 6G era, including the convergence of the AI computing and 6G connectivity. One of the key differentiations for 6G is new capabilities of beyond-communications, this will open many new doors not only for the consumer market but also the vertical market, such as the consumer-robot and business-grade high performance computing service.

Dr. Tong covered an array of topics in his talk. During his talk, he covered Huawei's 6G Vision, technical challenges for 6G, foundational capabilities for 6G, Spectrum, Sensing, Massive MIMO and Devices, Artificial Intelligence, terabits VLEO satellites, etc.

He did emphasise that 6G is not really just an evolution but it would be a revolution that would shape every aspect of our daily lives from 2030 until around 2050. One of the revolutionary examples is that with cmWave spectrum, there could be 64 or more MIMO antennas that could be embedded in the LED display of the device to provide up to 1Tbps for each device. 

Similarly the 6G-NTN satellites will be able to create large number of interleaved beams that would be able to provide massive connectivity options not just for handheld devices but also for head mounted displays as in case of XR, cars and other things on the move. 

Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC) is another very important and promisimg area that will enable success of 6G. Unlike the radar kind of sensing, 6G will include collaborative sensing where all the devices and base stations will act together to perform joint sensing in order to deliver optimized data rates for each of the devices. This principle will allow IIoT equipment to communicate at the next level where ISAC will allow the antennas to act as cameras and can enable the next level of safety in factories and even hospitals. 

6G will also incorporate native AI thereby allowing AI model to be embedded in devices thereby reducing the amount of data transferred to the network. 

There are a lot of other interesting tidbits that you can watch in the talk embedded below.

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