6G - The Next Horizon, a White Paper by Huawei

As you have already most likely seen on our blog, every big company, organisation, government, etc., have a 6G vision. Earlier this year Huawei released their whitepaper on this topic titled, "6G: The Next Horizon - From Connected People and Things to Connected Intelligence".

The press release said:

Wireless communication turned its first page in the early 1900s when Marconi transmitted the radio signal across the Atlantic. Since the 1980s, mobile communication has revolutionized the world, transforming every aspect of our lives. With the endless frontiers spanning 5G, we start wondering what 6G will be like. 6G — a more advanced next-generation mobile communication system — will go far beyond just communications. It will serve as a distributed neural network that provides links with integrated communication, sensing, and computing capabilities to fuse the physical, biological, and cyber worlds, ushering in an era of true Intelligence of Everything. Building upon 5G, 6G will continue the transformation from connected people and things to connected intelligence. In essence, it will bring intelligence to every person, home, and business, leading to a new horizon of innovations. In this paper, we present a holistic view of our 6G vision, exploring 6G key capabilities, new use cases and requirements, new building blocks, and paradigm shifts in air interface and network architecture designs.

Here is a video that announced this paper:

The following is covered in the paper:

  1. Mega-trends and Key Drivers
    • Driver 1: New Applications & New Business
    • Driver 2: Proliferation of Intelligence
    • Driver 3: Sustainability & Social Responsibility
  2. Overall Vision and Capabilities
    • Pillar 1: Native AI
    • Pillar 2: Networked Sensing
    • Pillar 3: Extreme Connectivity
    • Pillar 4: Integrated NTN
    • Pillar 5: Native Trustworthiness
    • Pillar 6: Sustainability
  3. Use Cases and Requirements
    • Usage Scenario 1: eMBB+
    • Usage Scenario 2: URLLC+
    • Usage Scenario 3: mMTC+
    • Usage Scenario 4: Sensing
    • Usage Scenario 5: AI
  4. New Elements
    • New Spectrum
    • New Materials and Antennas
    • New Channels
    • New Devices
  5. Enabling Technologies and Architectures
    • Paradigm Shifts in the Air Interface Design
    • Paradigm Shifts in the Network Architecture Design
  6. Summary and Roadmap
    • Summary of Paradigm Shifts
    • 6G Roadmap

The summary of paradigm shifts can be seen in the picture on the top. Here are the details from the paper:

  • Services in 6G will change from connectivity only to connectivity plus sensing and AI.
  • Private networking will be supported from the extension of public networking to native design from day one.
  • Encryption-based security will transform toward technology-based trustworthiness with multilateral trust architecture and post-quantum cryptography.
  • Algorithms in each layer of the communication system will change from analytic only to simultaneous model-and data–driven ones, leveraging AI and ML to couple with practical conditions that are hard to model analytically.
  • Level of automation in network OA&M will be further upgraded toward fully touchless "level 5" native automation.
  • To natively suppor t intelligence in the system and provide AI as a service for third parties, the networking infrastructure will become converged networking and computing infrastructure.
  • With the construction of mega-LEO constellations, the networking infrastructure will extend from terrestrial only to integrated terrestrial and non-terrestrial.

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