Short Summary of the 6G Summit 2023 in Berlin

I recently chaired the 6G Summit in Berlin. As it was a new conference from Informa, it wasn't too busy. The speakers were either mobile operators or researchers, speaking on behalf of some or the other organisation or consortia. This kept the topics to the point and discussions were interesting.

No vendors were trying to sell anything or lobby groups trying to promote anything. The presentations were refreshing and we had some fruitful discussions.

The word cloud (tag cloud) above is the graphical representation of the frequency of key words generally associated with 6G that I managed to track during the day. As I am sure most people would already be aware that the size of the text for a word represents higher weight or more occurrence as compared to others.

Over the next few months I will expand on some of the topics from the summit as there was plenty of useful material to digest. In the meantime, you can follow the Twitter thread above to see a snippet of each presentation.

Some of the participants also posted their thoughts on LinkedIn, here are the links to their post:

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