Hexa-X-II’s Workshop on Enablers for 6G System Blueprint

We have briefly looked at Hexa-X-II here and here.

Last month, Hexa-X-II hosted an online workshop focusing on the future of 6G Architecture and Standardization. Quoting from their announcement:

The workshop began with an introduction by Sylvaine Kerboeuf from Nokia, who outlined Hexa-X-II’s core design principles and provided a comprehensive blueprint for 6G system design. This set the stage for in-depth discussions and presentations, highlighting the multifaceted nature of 6G technology.

Following the introduction, Raul Munoz from CTTC and Giada Landi from Nextworks discussed the enablers of Hexa-X-II addressing the T2.3 & WP6 and their implications for the future of 6G. Their talks paved the way for further exploration into projects like DETERMINISTIC6G presented by Joachim Sachs from ERI, and DESIRE6G by Gergely Pongracz, also from ERI. These presentations shed light on current advancements and sparked conversations about the potential trajectories of 6G technology.

The workshop wasn’t limited to system design and project discussions. It also ventured into the communication infrastructure technologies and devices, with Marten Ericson from Ericsson highlighting key enablers from Hexa-X-II WP3. Ioannis Tomkos and Nicolas Chuberre then took the stage to discuss the FLEX-SCALE and 6G-NTN projects, respectively, offering insights into technological innovations and their practical applications.

In the afternoon sessions, the focus shifted to Wireless Communication Technologies and Signal Processing. Ahmad Nimr from TUD, Hamed Farhadi from Ericsson, and Jeroen Famaey from IMEC presented the enablers from Hexa-X-II WP4/WP5. This was followed by an exploration of TERRAMETA by George Alexandropoulos and TIMES by Mate Boban and Tommaso Zugno from HUAWEI, each contributing unique perspectives on the technological advancements in wireless communication.

The final segment of the workshop was dedicated to Secure Service Development and Smart Security, where Diego Lopez from TID introduced the architecture and enablers from Hexa-X-II T2.4. The day concluded with insightful presentations on the RIGOROUS and HORSE projects by Antonio Skarmeta from UM and Fabrizio Granelli from UNITN, respectively, shedding light on the critical aspects of security in the evolving 6G landscape.

The workshop wrapped up with a closure session summarising the day’s discussions and setting the stage for future collaborations. The diversity of topics and the depth of expertise shared underscored the complexity and potential of 6G technologies. It became evident that the journey to 6G involves a collective effort, bridging various disciplines and innovations.

The presentations from the workshop are available here. The videos are not there yet but hopefully will end up on Hexa-X-II's YouTube channel here. Video of the first presentation on 'Foundation for 6G system design' by Sylvaine Kerboeuf of Nokia is embedded below:

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