Prof. Mischa Dohler Highlights 6 Challenges of 6G

The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the IEEE Information Theory Society organized an event on 08 June 2022 where Prof. Mischa Dohler, currently Chief Architect at Ericsson Inc. in Silicon Valley, presented a talk titled, "Please, solve these 6G Challenges!". The Abstract of the talk as follows:

The focus of this talk is 6G. Ok, there is going to be a bit of Metaverse but I promise to keep it short. Overall, I will outline current industry and academic thinking around 6G, and then align this with emerging services, applications and innovation capabilities. This will lay the ground for the challenges I believe need to be solved for 6G to succeed. I will leave ample time for discussions which I hope will stimulate novel research and innovation ideas.

The video is embedded below:

One of the other thing that I want to highlight from the talk is Ericsson's view of 3GPP's 6G Roadmap as shown below:

Many other companies and organizations have similar viewpoints that you can see in the other posts. Once ITU have formed their IMT-2030 vision, the roadmap will become clearer.

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