6G and the Internet of Skills

At the Backed by 5G conference, Prof. Mischa Dohler spoke about his vision for Internet of Skills. To explain what this means, quoting from his article earlier this year:

Without doubt, 6G will be many, many times faster than 5G, with ultra-low latency and lots of bandwidth that will enable enhanced communication methods such as holographics, which call for very high transmission rates. But the effort is worth it because it will enable rich learning experiences in which world-class lecturers can be convincingly present within a dedicated lecture space and demonstrate difficult concepts using 3D graphics and effects that bring the subject to life. If it sounds like science fiction – it is now, but it won’t be for much longer.

We believe that, in ten years or so, it will be possible to combine this kind of connectivity with wearable devices that will enable communication via all five senses. For example, people will be able to experience touch across the mobile internet. Expert teachers will be able to transmit their muscle memory so learners can fine-tune their motor skills; surgeons will be able to feel how to make a precise incision; musicians will understand the finger movements needed to play a complex composition and technicians will learn how to build or repair specialist equipment, even when the tutor is on a different continent. Imagine the benefits that could accrue from that and the fast progress that might be made in cutting- edge areas of scientific endeavour.

Here is the video of Prof. Mischa Dohler explaining this: 

During the presentation, he shared this link. Prof. Mischa also co-authored a 6G paper available here.

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