6G and B5G Prospects for Vertical Industry

One of the panel sessions at the EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) 6G Summit in June 2021 looked at '6G and B5G Prospects for Vertical Industry'. The Motivation and Background of the panel session says:

The discussions about B5G or 5G evolution and 6G have started ca. 2 years ago and the discussed concepts are vague and circle around higher order MIMO, AI and Distributed Computing. For the vertical industry it is difficult to understand potential benefits, threads, opportunities or even weaknesses of future concepts. Still, 5G is not yet fully commercially in place for vertical applications. For instance, 5G R16 is still to come for commercial cars and 5G R16 does not offer all features the manufacturing industry requirements. The vertical sectors need urgently to get involved in such discussions to avoid useless 6G strategies and insufficient solutions. New solutions should not just be an extrapolation of known 5G concepts by increasing MIMO orders and higher processing powers. Moreover, 6G must address e.g. energy saving concepts by making more intelligent use of resources and offering new use cases which were not addressed in 5G. We will naturally see new capabilities by merging sensing and communication technologies, new short range use cases like body area networks and the emerging of non-terrestrial network as integral part of the 6G story. The panellists will try to identify new 6G technical enablers and concept and will discuss their potential benefits or concerns for automotive, e-health, manufacturing and other verticals.

The video of the presentation is embedded below:

The following are the talks and their timings:

  • 0:00:00 Moderator - Markus Dillinger, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH
  • 0:06:51 The Vertical Maritime Domain - Prof. Nancy Alonistioti, N. K. University of Athens
  • 0:14:00 Car2X - Antonio Eduardo Fernandez-Barciela, Stellantis
  • 0:23:20 From 5G to 6G: What Vertical Industries Really need - Andreas Mueller, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • 0:39:00 6G Dynamic Medical Services - Prof. Christoph Thuemmler, 6G Health Institute, Leipzig, Germany
  • 0:52:28 Can 6G Help Dissolve the borders between MNOs and Verticals - Frederic Thepot, NTT Docomo Euro-Labs
  • 1:02:24 NOS Too Early Implementation Perspectives - Jorge Gra├ža, NOS SGPS, PT
  • 1:11:00 Panel Discussion and Q&A

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