DEDICAT 6G to Transform B5G Networks into a Smart Connectivity Platform

The vision of DEDICAT 6G is to transform Beyond 5G networks into a smart connectivity platform that is highly adaptive, ultra-fast, and dependable/resilient for supporting securely innovative, human-centric applications.

This overall objective can be further divided in the following objectives:

  • Provision of imperceptible end-to-end latency and response time, with a minimal energy and (communication, computation, storage) resource consumption in B5G networks for the support of innovative applications.
  • Dynamic, efficient expansion of the communication environment to enable access to all people, information, and goods anywhere, anytime in an ultra-real time experience.
  • Reinforcement of security, privacy, and trust in B5G systems in support of advanced IoT applications. 
  • Development of human-centric applications in the scope of the project use cases and showcase novel interaction between humans and digital systems.
  • Demonstration and validation of the developed solutions using a series of Proof of Concept (PoC) pilots in the scope of an agile development framework. 
  • Establishment of a collaborative framework for relevant end-users/stakeholders, industry, and academia. 
  • Contributions to standardization activities. Maximise the penetration of the project solutions and technologies in key stakeholder standardization bodies such as 3GPP, IETF, ETSI MEC and ETSI ENI.

More information can be found on 5G-PPP website here. DEDICAT 6G website is here.

DEDICAT 6G will focus on four use cases: Smart warehousing, Enhanced experiences, Public Safety and Smart Highway. The use cases will pilot the developed solutions via simulations and demonstrations in laboratory environments, and larger field evaluations exploiting various assets and testing facilities. The results are expected to show significant improvements in terms of intelligent network load balancing and resource allocation, extended connectivity, enhanced security, privacy and trust and human-machine interactions.

A video of presentation at the Hexa-X - The European 6G initiative workshop, EUCNC 2021 is embedded below

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