one6G Open Lecture 8 – Next Generation MIMO

Couple of weeks back one6G hosted the long-anticipated Open Lecture 8 on 'Next Generation MIMO' where they brought together four top-class speakers who presented and discussed important results, new possibilities, and open questions regarding the standardization and commercialization of this new technology. Quoting from the event page:

MIMO technologies are a cornerstone in the evolution of mobile radio systems toward improved spectral and energy efficiency. This is an important prerequisite for new use cases and business opportunities. The long-anticipated Open Lecture 8 provided an overview of some important trends and basic principles, including MIMO scheduling to give each user a fair share of the total throughput. The development of cell-free systems was also discussed, with the latest results on fronthaul load balancing and flexible user-centric clustering. The speakers also talked about how larger MIMO configurations and higher frequencies push wireless communications into the radiative near field, which allows a further increase in data rates. Finally, Open Lecture 8 provided insights into fluid antenna systems, which have the potential to enhance communication performance by flexibly adapting their position and shape.

The video of the lecture as follows:

The following are the timings of where each talk starts and the presentation:

  • 0:02:35 Giuseppe Caire, Technical University Berlin - Fairness scheduling and fronthaul optimization in cell-free user-centric scalable mMIMO networks (PDF)
  • 0:34:13 Emil Björnson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology - Spatial multiplexing in the radiative near-field (PDF)
  • 1:04:32 José Francisco Monserrat del Río, Technical University of Valencia - Advancements in fluid antenna systems for MIMO communication: A path to enhanced wireless connectivity (PDF)
  • 1:26:10 Martin Schubert, Huawei Technologies - one6G work item on next generation MIMO: Multiuser strategies for user-centric cell free MIMO (PDF)
  • 1:49:24 Q&A

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