A Future World of 2035 Created by ETRI

ETRI has been promoting its vision for 2035 and how the world will look like in the future. They have made a series of short videos (embedded below) that explain this vision. According to the videos, the future world will be more convenient and safer that enables us to live a healthier and happier life and that fully unleashes our dreams is a future that we all dream of.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find an official site or description of the videos but the three of them that they officially shared are as follows:

Back in September 2021, key experts from ETRI (Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) joined ITU's AI for Good program to imagine the sustainable future with AI. The AI for Good series is the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive United Nations platform on AI.

This webinar below presents:

  • A Future World of 2035 Created by ETRI
  • Current Status of Untact Last Mile Delivery Technology and Service using Drone
  • The digital twin based disaster lifecycle management technology for underground infrastructure
  • Deep wild-fire detection using multi cameras
  • Making a city cleaner and safer with an AI-based video surveillance
  • The session concluded by a technical demo showcasing ETRI’s vision of the future of autonomous vehicles.

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