6G Usage Elements and Scenarios


A nice slide from the talk 'Envisioning 6G from a Technology Perspective', by Dr. Young-Jo Ko who is currently Director of 6G Wireless Transmission Research Section in Future Mobile Communication Research Division at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and serves as Chairman of the Technology Committee of 5G Forum in Korea. 

6G expands and enhances the 5G usage scenarios of eMBB, URLLC and mMTC. The new scenarios are a combination of one or more usage element. We can say roughly 6G will have these six high-level usage scenarios:

  1. Ultra Broadband
  2. Ultra-high Mobility
  3. Ultra-high Precision
  4. Ultra-low Energy
  5. Ultra-massive Connectivity
  6. Ultra-large Broadband

The KPIs provide more details on how these six high level scenarios would be measured.

Finally, how the usage elements will map to different use cases can be seen in the chart above.