How 6G will enable Ultra Broadband

We looked at 6G Usage Elements and Scenarios in an earlier post here. Continuing this post from the same talk, 'Envisioning 6G from a Technology Perspective' by Dr. Young-Jo Ko who is currently Director of 6G Wireless Transmission Research Section in Future Mobile Communication Research Division at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and serves as Chairman of the Technology Committee of 5G Forum in Korea. 
The first thing is to decide what is Terahertz. While there are a lot of different definitions being thrown around, we discussed some of these on The 3G4G Blog here. We are fine with sticking to above 100 GHz (0.1 THz) , all the way to 1000 GHz (1 THz). 

We also looked at Ultra Massive MIMO in a recent post here. There seems to be a consensus that we will require them for a successful THz communication.
One of the challenges will be small cells size as the signals may not travel too far. But it would definitely be possible to make beams for the RF signals to travel much further. Also, Carrier Aggregation (CA) and Multi-Connectivity will play an important role in THz communications.

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