South Korea keen to Commercialize 6G around 2028-2030

At MWC Barcelona 2022 Ministerial Programme (#MWC22MP), H.E. Hyesook LIM, Minister of Science and ICT, Republic of Korea spoke about 'Beyond 5G and 6G: Into the Age of the Great Digital Divide'. 

During the talk she mentioned about the great progress South Korea has made in 5G and how it's continuing to evolve further. 

She also talked about the 5G Use Cases and lessons learned from trials and deployments. We have looked at some of these in other blog posts before (see related posts at the bottom).

With regards to 6G, she put the timeline between 2028 and 2030. We have discussed 6G timelines before and this ties in well with our assumptions. 

The Korea Herald reported:

"We are continuing our preparations for the 6G era with the aim of commercializing 6G from 2028 to 2030 ... it will offer a network 50 times faster than the current service and an expanded coverage of up to 10 kilometers above the ground," Lim said.

Lim added that South Korea has made meaningful progress in 5G network speed and coverage since it became the first country to commercialize 5G services in April 2019.

South Korea will push ahead to unfold a new age with innovative digital technologies, including metaverse, blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud, she said.

The minister also held bilateral talks with officials from the U.S., Finland and Indonesia to discuss partnerships in 5G, 6G and metaverse, the ICT ministry said.

It is important to point out here that in a hurry to release the next generation of standards, sometimes the standards have to come up with interim solutions that cause more issues in the long run. Maybe for 6G there is an opportunity for the standards to take time but come up with a solid foundation and a very reliable standard.

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