Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces (IRS) for Wireless Communications

Professor Emil Björnson from KTH Royal Institute of Technology has been featured many times on our blogs, not only because of all the pioneering work he and his colleagues are doing with metasurfaces, massive MIMO, etc., but also because he shares a lot of their work, helping others understand the future of technology better.

At Globecomm 2021, he presented a tutorial on Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces (IRS), also known as Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS). The following is an abstract: 

In this tutorial, we introduce a new promising paradigm for 6G by leveraging a massive number of low-cost passive elements with independently controllable reflection amplitude and/or phase, named Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS), which is able to smartly reconfigure wireless channels for enhancing the communication performance. The tutorial consists of two parts. In the first part, we present the signal and channel models of IRS by taking into account its hardware constraints in practice. We then illustrate the main functions and applications of IRS in achieving spectral and energy efficient wireless networks, and highlight its cost and performance advantages as compared to existing wireless technologies such as ultra-dense network, massive MIMO, etc. We also present the results on recently developed prototypes and conducted experiments on IRS as well as its related industry activities.

The video of the tutorial is embedded below. The slides can be downloaded from here.

There are quite a few questions and discussions on the video that you can check out on YouTube here.

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