Achieving the Terabit/s Goal in 6G Broadband Connectivity

I talked about broadband connectivity in 6G last year on the Connectivity Technology blog here. One of the biggest challenges would be how to achieve Terabit/s in outdoor environment. We will see a lot of discussions on this topic going further for the next few years. 

Earlier this year, Prof. Emil Björnson made a podcast on this topic with Prof. Erik G. Larsson where they discuss if 6G technology will eventually deliver 1 terabit per second and how can the technology be evolved to reach that goal, and what would the potential use cases be. They discuss the practical challenges that must be overcome at the hardware level and in wireless propagation. His podcast is embedded below:

There is also an accompanying research article that is available here

6G Research Visions Webinar by 6G Flagship on the same topic is available here.

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