Interdigital's View on 6G from EuCNC 2021

In the last post, I talked about first panel session of EuCNC 2021, '6G – From Visions to System Requirements'. One of the speakers in that was Alan Carlton, Senior Director for Innovation Labs at InterDigital, UK. Having heard him many times during these last few years, it was good to see he still kept his talk simple and straight to the point.

I especially liked the two slides above, one looking at the old and new philosophy and the other looking at the three levers that plays a role for any generation of the technology. 

In addition, he also talked about the two use cases that he believes will play a big role in 6G, Truly 'Immersive XR' and 'Connected Industries & Automation'. 

Finally, he talks about the 6G KPI's, which are still long way away. Anyway, his part of talk is embedded below. The complete panel session can be heard here.

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