Cloud Native Architecture & Migration Towards 6G from B6GS 2023

One of the sessions at Brooklyn 6G Summit 2023 looked at "Cloud Native Architecture and Migration towards 6G". It consisted of two talks followed by a panel session. The first talk by Frank Fitzek, Professor and head of the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden introduced the 6G-life project from TU Dresden and TU Munich. In the talk the main objectives, goals, and methodologies were presented along with the need for cloud computing in future communication networks.

The second talk by Udayan Mukherjee, Intel Senior Fellow and Chief Architect of Wireless Network & distributed Edge Products for Intel discussed the evolution of radio access network to open, disaggregated and virtualized cloud native RAN. It focused on the RAN networks today for 5G, current ecosystem landscape, and the evolution of true service based cloud architecture being proposed for 6G. 

This was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Farooq Bari, AT&T. In addition to the speakers above, the panellists included Gavin Horn from Qualcomm and Simone Redana from Nokia.

The video of the session is embedded below:

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