Standards Development Organizations (SDO) Chairman Panel at B6GS 2023

The Standards Development Organizations (SDO) Chairman Panel moderated by Dr. Ulrich Dropmann, Nokia had two very experienced and interesting speakers talking about standards and standardisation for 6G and beyond.

The first talk on "Standardization's Role and the Evolutions of Mobile Generations towards 12G" was delivered by Seizo Onoe, Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), International Telecommunication Union (ITU). I quite enjoyed the previous version of this talk that Onoe-san delivered last year (see Tweet above). The brief of this talk says:

Standardization plays a significant role in enhancing user convenience and fostering industrial development through the dissemination of technology.

Within the complex framework of multiple standardization organizations, collaboration that leverages each other’s strengths has become crucial. The advent of 5G created a kind of boom, attracting interest from various industries and facilitating cross-industry collaborations.

While mobile systems often focus primarily on radio technology aspects, non-radio aspects also constitute vital components, which are agnostic to mobile generations in some cases.

This talk discusses the role of ITU and standardization, the booms accompanying new generations, perspectives on generation evolution, generation-agnostic components, and explores the potential future for 12G.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has just published the framework for the development of standards and radio interface technologies for the sixth generation of mobile systems, popularly referred to as 6G.

The second talk was on the topic of "3GPP: 5G-Advanced and Beyond" by Wanshi Chen, 3GPP TSG RAN Chair and Sr. Director, Technology, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The brief of his talk says:

As the first release of the second phase of 5G standardization 5G-Advanced, Release 18 in 3GPP has been progressing well despite the challenges due to COVID-19. In this talk, we will provide a high-level summary of 3GPP Release 18 from the radio access network (RAN) perspective. We will then give a brief introduction of how 5G will evolve in the next several years, first by providing a summary of the Release 19 workshop in June 2023 and the recent development in the RAN plenary meeting in September 2023. As a continuation of 5G-Advanced, Release 19 will primarily focus on continuing investing in 5G-Advanced commercial deployments to further improve performance and address critical needs. Release 19 is also a bridge to 6G, for which 3GPP is expected to develop an input to the IMT-2030 process in the future.

The video of the session is embedded below, courtesy of IEEE TV.

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