New White Paper Outlines Orange's Vision for 6G

Last year we looked at Orange presenting their 6G Societal Requirements Vision here. In another post we looked at their Zero-Energy Devices vision. Now Orange has brought together everything in their recently released 6G whitepaper, available here.

Orange is by no means a small operator. The last time we checked, they had a presence in 28 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The following is the introduction from the white paper:

With the ambition to prepare for the future, Orange is contributing to the design of the 6th generation of mobile communication, what we refer to as 6G. Orange is actively involved in several 6G collaborative research projects and leading initiatives, including the European flagship Hexa-X project, the NGMN Alliance, and the IOWN Global Forum. Committed, as a trusted partner, to give everyone the keys to a responsible digital world, we think it is our role to provide inspiration and vision, as well as an informed explanation about this future technology currently in the making.

This White Paper therefore discusses Orange’s vision for 6G, selected 6G use cases, and candidate technological advances and solutions for 6G.

The following topics are covered:

  • Why 6G ?
  • Selected 6G Use Cases
    • Immersive experience
    • Digital twins
    • Robots and autonomous systems
    • eHealth
  • Requirements for 6G
    • Orange’s societal requirements for 6G
    • Orange’s operational requirements for 6G
  • Candidate Technical Solutions for 6G
    • Key design principles
    • 6G technology enablers
  • Takeaways
    • A 6G that provides value to society
    • A 6G equally based on societal and operational requirements
    • A 6G made for society, with society

The paper is available here to view and download.

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