Using a Dielectric Waveguide as a Pinching Antenna for B5G and 6G

We looked at the Pinching Antennas last year when NTT Docomo demonstrated it at MWC 2021. The recently published NTT Docomo Technical Journal contains an article that explains how a dielectric waveguide could be used as a transmission medium for high-frequency bands. It goes on to describe its application to antennas, and presents the bended antenna and pinching antenna as means of flexibly deploying communication areas. 

The summary says:

We propose a method for easily and economically deploying and expanding communication areas in high-frequency bands (millimeter-wave bands) that are now being used in the 5G era and studied for use in the 6G era. This method radiates radio waves from part of a dielectric waveguide - a transmission medium for high-frequency bands - to make the surrounding area a communication area. The ability to radiate radio waves from any point along a dielectric waveguide makes it possible to quickly deploy a variety of communication areas depending on the place and environment.

You can read the complete article [PDF] here. Here is a video of a demo of Pinching Antennas:

The article says that going forward, NTT Docomo plans to perform trials of deploying communication areas using this approach in the real-world environments. We are surely looking forward to it.

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