NTT Docomo's revised '5G Evolution and 6G' White Paper

NTT Docomo was one of the first operator and an organization to put out its 6G vision in a whitepaper publicly. I blogged about it on The 3G4G Blog here. Since then they have put a lot more information out in general about their vision beyond 5G. The most recent being the one from MWC 2021 that I blogged about here.

Since the publication of the original whitepaper, it has been revised a couple of times. The latest revision, v3.0, was revised in Feb 2021 and the PDF is available here.

As you will notice from the paper and the diagram above, there are 6 main requirements and use cases that Docomo is focusing on:

  • Extreme-high-speed and high-capacity communications
  • Extreme coverage extension
  • Extreme-low power consumption and cost reduction
  • Extreme-low latency
  • Extreme-reliable communication 
  • Extreme-massive connectivity & sensing

To meet the above requirements and use cases, the whitepaper proposes the following technological development and research areas:

  • New Radio Network Topology
    • Distributed antenna deployment with a “line”
    • Reflector (RIS) technology
    • Inter-terminal coordinated transmission and reception technology
    • Win-Win distributed antenna deployment with sensing and energy-saving communications 
  • Coverage extension technology including Non-Terrestrial Networks
  • Technology for further broader frequency domain and advancement of frequency utilization
  • Further advancement of Massive MIMO and wireless transmission technologies
  • Extension of Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) and industrial networks
  • Multifunctional wireless communication systems and utilization of AI technology in all areas
  • Integration of various wireless technologies
  • Network architecture
    • Flat network topology
    • Flexible deployment of network functions
    • Simple network
    • Advanced OAM (Operation and Maintenance)
    • Technology for integrated operation of multiple access technologies
    • Core network transmission/switching control technologies supporting extreme low latency
    • Wide-area time synchronization and wide-area deterministic communication supporting CPS
    • Location-based mobility control supporting extreme-coverage
    • Advanced security
    • Distributed computing resources

The following is 5G evolution & 6G Concept video shared by Docomo R&D team

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