6G Tera-Mobile Broadband Communications for Connected AI Services and Applications

At Mobile Korea 2020 6G Global, SeongJin KIM, Senior Research Fellow at LG Electronics presented a talk on '6G Tera-Mobile Broadband Communications for Connected AI Services and Applications'. The abstract of the talk is as follows:

Many future on-device AI applications such as 4D interactive hologram AR, autonomous drone taxis, and healthcare sensor-and-actuators require higher KPIs than in 5G.

However, we expect that stand-alone on-device AI solutions offer severe performance limitations in practical environments because of their computation and data shortages. Based on extremely high throughput transmission techniques, novel intelligent connectivity such as super-intelligent Terra-BPS transmission capability can significantly improve the inference and learning capability of the on-device AI solutions. Also, in the 6G wireless infrastructure, both the cost and energy efficiencies are vital to realizing connected intelligence for massive on-device AI sensors.

Therefore, we consider the extremely high resource-efficient connected AI solutions and the extremely fast intelligent communication systems utilizing higher and wider frequency bands such as sub-Terra-Hz radio.

The video of the talk is available on YouTube here (embedding not allowed 🙄) and the slides are available here.

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