Survey on 6G Frontiers: Trends, Applications, Requirements, Technologies and Future Research

Came across this new research paper on 6G on IEEE Comsoc, available as open access here. In the authors own words:

In this paper, we provide a comprehensive survey of the current developments towards 6G. We highlight the societal and technological trends that initiate the drive towards 6G. Emerging applications to realize the demands raised by 6G driving trends are discussed subsequently. We also elaborate the requirements that are necessary to realize the 6G applications. Then we present the key enabling technologies in detail. We also outline current research projects and activities including standardization efforts towards the development of 6G. Finally, we summarize lessons learned from state-of-the-art research and discuss technical challenges that would shed a new light on future research directions towards 6G.

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Quite a few topics have been covered as you can see from the summary image above.

The main contributions of this survey are presented below.

  • Explore 6G driving trends: This paper identifies the societal and technological driving trends that would urge a new generation of mobile communication networks by 2030.
  • Discuss emerging applications: The development of a wide range of new applications that are expected to bloom is discussed elaborating how these applications are enabled by the capabilities of future 6G networks.
  • Present 6G requirements/vision: The paper shapes a vision for 6G elaborating the envisaged requirements.
  • Explain enabling technologies: Enabling technologies of 6G that will cater to the requirements raised by emerging applications are discussed exhaustively.
  • Summarize projects, research work, and standardization approaches: Existing 6G projects that focus towards developing the 6G vision and technologies are summarized. The research activities and approaches for standardization are also discussed in this paper.
  • Propose a roadmap for future research directions: A roadmap for future 6G research directions is presented considering the lessons learnt throughout the development of 5G, and the challenges of developing 6G.

The PDF is available here.

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