ITU-R Releases 'Wheel diagram' and 'Palette diagram' for IMT-2030

Earlier this week, ITU-R announced that the working party 5D (WP 5D) agreed the draft new Recommendation “Framework and overall objectives of the future development of IMT for 2030 and beyond” in the June 2023 meeting. 

As a part of this announcement, the IMT-2030 page now contains 6 Usage Scenarios (so called 'wheel diagram') and capabilities of IMT-2030 (so called 'palette diagram').

The draft report is available only for the registered users so I have been unable to look at it. As it seems from the Tweet above, it's not as revolutionary and some might have anticipated.

A PDF of these diagrams above along with relationship and timelines is available on the ITU-R WP5D IMT-2030 page.

A research paper on arXiv based on the ITU-R recommendation is also available (see Tweet above) for anyone wishing to study further.

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