6G Papers in Journal of ICT Standardization

The Journal of ICT Standardization by River Publishers released couple of special issues based on the workshop “6G Knowledge Lab Opening and 36th GISFI Workshop” held 21–22 December 2020, organized jointly by the CTIF Global Capsule (CGC) and the Global ICT Standardisation Forum for India (GISFI). 

The special issue is divided in 2 parts with 5 papers in each of them. 

The first part, "6G Enabling Technologies – Innovation 6G", ]published in December 2021 consists of the following papers:

  • On 6G Visions and Requirements
  • Trends in Standardization Towards 6G
  • Ubiquitous Networks: A Need of Future World of Things
  • 6G Mobile Communications for Multi-Robot Smart Factory
  • Data-driven Business Model Innovation for 6G

It's available here.

The  second  part,  "6G  Mobile  Communication  Network:  Services  and  Enabling  Technologies" consists  of  the following 5 papers.

  • 6G  Mobile  Communication  Networks:  Key  Services  and  Enabling Technologies
  • 6G  Technologies  –  How  Can  It  Help  Future  Green  Business  Model Innovation
  • 6G Networks Orientation by Quantum Mechanics
  • IoT  Health  Data  in  Electronic  Health  Records  (EHR):  Security  and Privacy Issues in Era of 6G
  • Privacy Preservation for Enterprises Data in Edge Devices

It's available here.

In a video shared by River Publishers, Paulo Sergio Rufino Henrique, Professor Ramjee Prasad and Philippa Jefferies discuss the next generation of wireless communication technologies, including what exactly 6G will involve, the potential applications, and the challenges we will face to realise future 6G networks.

More details on the book, 6G: The Road to the Future Wireless Technologies 2030 can be found here.

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