Design aspects for emerging 6G Organic Core Networks

In a news article back in August 2021, Fraunhofer FOKUS announced:

Beginning in August, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the establishment of four hubs for research into the future technology 6G with up to 250 million euros. Fraunhofer FOKUS will be involved in two of them over the next four years: the “6G Research and Innovation Cluster” (6G-RIC) and the Open6GHub. Drawing on its many years of 4G and 5G core network expertise, the team from the Software-based Networks business unit will design essential components for an organic, distributed 6G core network and integrate them into the emerging test environments.

“The work of Fraunhofer FOKUS in the 6G hubs in Kaiserslautern and Berlin is complementary to each other: In the Open6GHub, we are researching and developing an organic 6G core network, taking into account, in particular, the highest requirements for reliability and flexibility. In doing so, we benefit from our decades of experience gained in the development of our OpenEPC and Open5GCore. For the 6G-RIC, we will practically test the management of a distributed RAN functionality as well as innovative network management and data layer functions,” summarizes Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz, head of the Software-based Networks business unit at Fraunhofer FOKUS.

In another news article in December last year, they announced:

In the Fraunhofer Lighthouse project 6G SENTINEL five Fraunhofer institutes are bundling their know how to develop key radio and core network technologies for 6G. The project has published its first whitepaper containing new perspectives on 6G use cases, a high-level classification of challenges and requirements as well as first steps towards an end-to-end 6G architecture.

The Fraunhofer 6G white paper, "On the road to 6G: Drivers, Challenges and enabling Technologies" is available here.

At Mobile Korea 2021 6G Global Summit, Prof. Thomas Magedanz(TU Berlin) & Marius Corici(Fraunhofer FOKUS) presented a talk on 'Get 6G-ready: Design aspects for emerging 6G Organic Core Networks'. The talk is embedded below:

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