ABI Research Whitepaper on Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World

While a lot of discussions are happening around 6G technologies and use cases, I haven't seen any discussions on security. Frankly, we are not sure what 6G will look like so in a way it doesn't make much sense to talk about security but we do know the direction of some of the technologies and it would make sense to start preparing for them now.

It was good to see a whitepaper on the topic by ABI Research that was commissioned by 6G World. 

The paper can be downloaded from here. You can see the summary of some of the topics discussed in the image on the top but here is a summary from the website:

As with any new technologies, new threats will emerge that need to be addressed, in addition to any existing threats that will be carried over from past generation networks. The nature of these threats will depend, in large part, on any inherent vulnerabilities in the design, development, and implementation of 6G wireless communications; and on efforts to remediate existing vulnerabilities. As always with security, its successful application will depend on the due diligence of appropriate risk assessments and threat modeling.

Over 17 pages Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World will show you:

  • The interplay between current and emerging security threats and the development of 6G
  • Where new approaches and new thinking need to be brought to bear today
  • Links to wider reading on an array of essential topics
  • Recommendations for securing 6G

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