One XR Device to Rule Them All!

Qualcomm says that at some point in the future, they envision the convergence of the smartphone, mobile VR headset, and AR glasses into a single XR wearable. This may seem inconceivable at the moment but all technologies go through the same phase.

After our last post on XR, someone reached out because they want to do something similar in one of the use cases with off the shelf devices. It is probably a bit too early as XR is still undergoing evolution and has many challenges that need solving.

The Mobile Future of eXtended Reality (XR) slide deck that Qualcomm has shared (PDF link) has this nice slide on XR evolution and its analogy to smartphones.
These first responder XR glasses give a direction of evolution of XR devices. Again, this is some years away. We can also expect a regular version to hit the market around the same time.

The presentation also lists many challenges that I am not listing here but should give you a feel for what challenges need to be solved before we can have One XR device to rule them all. Will it be in time for 6G or beyond? Too early to tell.

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