Will 6G Just a better 5G?

In current circumstances, where technology innovation and evolution is going on at a very rapid pace, It is always a challenge to predict what will come 10 years from now. In a keynote address presented to the 2020 IEEE 5G World Forum plenary session, Gerhard Fettweis from Technische Universit├Ąt Dresdan discusses the next generation of communications technology beyond 5G and how advancements like AI and softwarization will impact its development. 

Gerhard covered many different areas in his talk, mainly thinking on how the requirements and customer expectations are evolving and how 6G can solve some of the challenges that 5G will be facing in the coming years.

He also touched on this very important topic of energy consumption. With everything moving into software, more data being consumed, more active antennas being deployed, the energy requirements are increasing very rapidly. While the demand could be met today with a bit of difficulty, it will be a challenge going forward.

A recent whitepaper titled 'Environmentally Sustainable 5G Deployment' from ABI Research and InterDigital, forecasted that energy consumption is expected to increase 61x between 2020 to 2030. It is important to look at how energy consumption could be reduced going forward.

The talk from Gerhard is embedded below, courtesy of IEEE TV.

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