A European Perspective of the 6G Agenda

Earlier this month, Bernard Barani, Deputy Head of Unit, CONNECT Directorate General of the European Commission talked about the 6G agenda from a European perspective. As you can see in the picture above, the current vision includes evolution of 5G and working on technology beyond 5G that will form the basis of what will eventually become 6G. 

The six dimensions of 6G are in a way an evolution of all the things that 5G is supposed to do today. So even lower latency, higher reliability, better data rates, even more number of connected IoT devices, even more secure, etc.

The new class of applications including XR, Holographic communications, Internet of senses, etc. will require an enormous amount of data that is just not possible in many cases today. 

There are a lot of European projects already going on about 5G, 8 new 6G exploratory projects will be launched next year that will help Europe gain 6G leadership. The whole talk is embedded below

ETSI Virtual Event on Boosting the Impact of Research & Innovation through Standardization took place this week. All the talks are available on Telecom TV website here.